My Mp3 is the leading fashion and sports accessories provider for the iPod. With over hundreds of different and quintessentially unique fashion accessories, My Mp3 is the global one-stop brand that people turn to when they want to dress up their gadgets, to differentiate themselves from the crowd, and to be stylish.

Logistically based in Des Moines, Iowa, My Mp3 works with various designers and consultants in the USA for the design of new products.

Company Goals

The goal of the company is to create Quality, Innovative, Functional, Stylish and Affordable (QIFSA) products that will attract customers from a broad market segment. Everyone will find something that they like. Each segment of QIFSA is just as important as the other and is emphasized strongly throughout the entire development cycle of each new product.

Quality - First and foremost, there is a strong emphasis on quality. Quality is emphasized throughout the manufacturing process, right from the start where the raw materials are selected, to the end where the product is packaged.

Innovation - In today's overcrowded market place, products have to stand out and offer something different and innovative that will not only enhance the products' value, but will also solve real problems that people have with other accessories.

Functionality - Products have to work. It's as simple as that. At My Mp3, not only must the product work, they must also have a certain value-added component that will enrich a user's experience of the device.

Style - People come to My Mp3 to dress up their gadget they purchase from us. The dress obviously has to be nice. Much emphasis has been placed in making products that are Desirable, Attractive and Trendy (DAT). Desirable such that people will take one look and say "That looks nice and I want one.". Attractive as products are designed by or designed based on feedback from designers and consultants nationwide with the aim of offering comprehensive and attractive product "collections" that will appeal to different people. Trendy as new collections are launched frequently to keep up with the latest fashion trends and electronics.

Affordability - My Mp3 has always been working on bringing cost to the lowest possible levels and passing the savings on to the customers, while still maintaining the highest possible standards. Affordability is never achieved at the expense of quality. Affordability is usually achieved through economies of scale and refinement of processes. A search on the web will reveal that the efforts are paying off as customers refer to My Mp3 as "cheap and good" and "of amazing value".

The Future

In the upcoming years, My Mp3 will continue to grow from strength to strength with the five pillars that customers have long associated with the My Mp3 products - Quality, Innovative, Functional, Stylish and Affordable. Top that off with an exceptional customer service team that places relationships ahead of profits, My Mp3 is poised for greater challenges ahead.

Company Information

Legal Name of Company: My Mp3 LLC

Name of Business: My Mp3
E-mail Address: mymp3team@hotmail.com
Place Of Registration: IOWA
Physical Address: 5462 Longview Court Unit 3, Johnston Iowa, 50131

HQ Operating Hours: 8 am to 8 pm, Mon-Fri and 9 am to 5 pm, Saturday

Note: We do not have the facilities for walk-in customers at our headquarters. Please purchase directly from our online store.

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